Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday's Ugly Market Action

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While selling began in the U.S. on Friday, it didn't have a lot of momentum until the Asian markets opened Sunday night. Japan, Hong Kong and China were down between 3% to 5%. Last night the recovery in the East was anemic. The Nikkei was barely up and the Hang Sang was up less than 1%. The major Euro markets were all up around half a percent today. U.S. stocks are rallying as of now, but how they close is the key. The U.S. dollar is selling off and nothing significant has changed for it . It is still in a precarious state.

Basically the only thing that rallied yesterday was the U.S. dollar. Everything else sold off. This has been the common pattern since March. It doesn't make any sense based on the media story of what is going on in the markets and the economy. U.S. stocks should rally if the dollar is rallying. The opposite only occurs in inflationary environments.

The technicals on the index charts have weakened considerably in the last few weeks. The RSI on the daily charts even fell below 50 for the Nasdaq yesterday. The S&P hit 50. The Dow stayed just above it. Bouncing off this level and rallying is an almost automatic market reaction and this is happening today. We will have to see how long this lasts. The MACD is still relatively strong, so this will probably keep the market from falling apart at the moment. The DMI patterns can only be described as twisted looking. They are indicating that the uptrend is endangered.

The market seems to be in a topping pattern, but this can last awhile. As we head into the seasonal week period of September and October, the risk of a major sell off for stocks becomes greater.

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Daryl Montgomery
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