Friday, September 23, 2011

Silver Crashes; Gold Breaks Key Support

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The silver market had a major crash on Friday -- there is simply no other way to put it. Spot prices were down as much as 17.1% or $6.18 an ounce. Gold was damaged as well, but not nearly as much. At its worst, it was down 6.3% or $108.60 an ounce. Both gold and silver traded below previous lows set earlier this year.

The drop in silver was truly spectacular. It was down by double digit amounts on Thursday and then by an even  greater amount today. The main silver ETF, SLV, has two huge gaps on its chart. The spot price low of $29.76 reached an area of major support. There is chart support, moving average support and a Fibonacci retracement at that level. A tradable bounce should take place soon and the gap in the chart from today is likely to be covered in that move. Those with a longer-term investing horizon might want to wait before buying. The next level to keep an eye on is around $26 where there is chart support and another Fibonacci retracement.

The silver selloff is much more advanced than is the one for gold. Silver peaked in April and had its first big selloff in May. It made a double bottom in May and July and didn't trade below those levels until today. Gold on the other hand made a double top in mid-August and early September. It confirmed that double top today by trading below its August low. Spot gold fell to $1628.60 an ounce at its worst point, breaking its support in the lower 1700s by quite a bit.

The precious metals charts are showing technical damage, with silver in much worse shape than gold. Gold broke its 50-day simple moving average yesterday for the first time since June. Today, silver pierced its 325-day simple moving average -- an important support level for any commodity. The DMI technical indicator gave a sell signal for SLV on the daily charts today and was about to do so for the major gold ETF, GLD. In the short term, both are very oversold however.

The huge price drops in silver and gold can only be explained by substantial hedge fund selling that smacks of credit crisis panic. Both of these markets have risen on highly leveraged buying. Once a few overextended funds are forced to sell because of the financial turmoil in Europe, things can go downhill pretty fast. Stops get taken out and this causes more selling, which in turn takes out more stops and leads to more selling. After this, a rally will follow and there should be a test of the low. If it holds, then a sustainable rally can take place. We are not nearly at the point yet. 

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Silver is by far the better value compared to gold.