Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oil Takes Gas, Silver's Shining Moment, GM Watch

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The oil inventory report was delayed this week and it was bullish big time for the third week in a row. The natural gas report was just better than expectations, but even this minimal accomplishment proved a combustible mix that caused UNG (the natural gas ETF) to shoot upward. SLV (the silver ETF) traded over 15.00 this morning, removing all doubt that a breakout has taken place from strong resistance around 14.50. News reports are indicating that some progress is being made with GM bondholders in a last minute effort to avert the largest industrial bankruptcy in the history of the United States.

Analysts expected that U.S. oil inventories would rise 1.8 million barrels last week. Boy did they get a surprise! Inventories fell by 5.4 million barrels. Gasoline, the major use for oil during the summer months, had 600,000 less barrels in storage. Year over year U.S. gasoline demand is down only 1.2% despite the troubled economy, yet oil is still 47% off of last year's high. Despite dropping supply and the barely lower demand for gasoline compared to the much lower price of oil, you can still find bearish comments on oil in media coverage. Our favorite oil ETF, DXO, has continually told an opposite tale however - and when in doubt, the market is always right. DXO broke above 4.00 today and should be heading higher until light sweet crude reaches at least $75 a barrel. Triple leveraged energy company ETF, ERX, is having an even better day after consolidation around support between 29 and 30 level.

While oil may have only a month or so left of its rally (frequently when the most money is made), natural gas is still putting in its bottom and I have been accumulating UNG since it fell back to the low 14's. Unlike oil, the fundamentals of natural gas are indeed negative and have been for a long time. Moreover, the favorable seasonal for natural gas can begin as late as July as opposed to February for oil. The peak is most likely in late October, early November, while oil statistically peaks in early August. This week, analysts expected U.S. storage of natural gas to increase 111 bcfs (billion cubic feet), but the increase came in at only 106 bcfs. In a heavily shorted market, that was enough to generate a big move up.

In the precious metals, SLV trading above 15.00 today was quite impressive. At the moment silver is doing better than gold, but it has a lot of catch up to do. Gold is only 4% off its recent highs of 1000, while silver is about 30% lower than it previous high around 21. SLV has another point of resistance at 16. After that, SLV testing 21 is almost certain.

Some progress seems to have been made with GM bondholders this morning. It is still too early to tell if this will come to fruition. Whether or not GM declares bankruptcy (allowing this to happen will be one of the biggest economic mistakes that the U.S. government has ever made) is obviously going to go down to the wire. The stock has not fallen below a $1.00 today however and is actually up 10% at the moment. When the market thinks a company is going bankrupt, it pushes its price into the penny level. Watch to see if this happens. While a GM bankruptcy will weigh on the market, the avoidance of bankruptcy would cause a big rally next week.

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