Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dollar Watch; Bad Earnings are Good; Natural Gas

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While no one was watching, the U.S. dollar got awfully close to its break down point yesterday. The low for the trade-weighted dollar index ETF DXY was 78.58. A drop below 78.33 would be technically negative. Meanwhile, earnings season will be winding down soon and so far the picture is dismal overall and even worse for the financials. You would never know it though, from the mainstream media reports which have been glowing and gushing with good earnings news. Many commodities have started to rally again, with natural gas still being very under priced.

Almost without exception, the large financial companies have had dismal earnings in their banking business, which continues to erode. Trading and accounting gimmicks have made the top line numbers look rosy however. Massive money gifts from the federal government don't hurt either. Imagine if someone deposited $45 billion into your bank account. You would look a lot more financially sound as well. Wells Fargo is out with earnings this morning, with quarterly profit up 47%! Looks good on the surface, although acquiring the giant albatross Wachovia was responsible for much of this. Within the report was the statement, "the bank expects credit losses and nonperforming assets to increase". It is also generally acknowledged that Wells Fargo needs to raise more capital. Even the 'see no evil' government stress test found that it had a $13.7 billion capital shortfall. But hey, earnings are great, except in the bank's banking business of course. For some reason, I think this doesn't make any sense.

Natural gas has been getting a lot of press in the last few days. UNG the natural gas ETF is awaiting approval from the SEC to issue more shares. They already made 300 million additional shares available on May 6th. The CFTC is trying to limit UNG's role in the natural gas market based on excessive speculation driving up prices even though natural gas is trading at a multi-year low. Seems to be rather contradictory. Media reports are filled with commentary from traders and 'experts' about how you should stay away from this market. They rarely if ever point out that natural gas tends to hit some type of low in July. I have yet to see any discussion of the production costs for natural gas and whether the price has fallen below this level. There is every reason to believe this is the case. The number of active U.S. rigs pumping natural gas has fallen to a seven year low of 665 from a peak of 1606 last September 12th. When the market cost gets too close to the production cost for a commodity, production shuts down and this is clearly happening with natural gas.

The dollar will either bounce soon or fall below its break down point and the powers that be will try to then save it. Note that once again that the stock market has been rallying when the dollar has been dropping. Will a government induced dollar rally cause the opposite? We will have to wait and see.

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Daryl Montgomery
Organizer,New York Investing meetup

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