Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nova Gold, the Gold Market and the Euro

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Canadian gold miner NovaGold Resources (NG) raised around $100 million on Tuesday, March 9th after selling 18.2 million shares of common stock at $5.50 each. Despite the dilution from this sale and another scheduled sale of 13.6 million shares for $5.51 on March 11th, the stock rallied 9%, closing at $6.88. Together the two sales will increase the outstanding shares of NovaGold by 17%.

The purchasers of Tuesday's stock offering were funds managed by Paulson & Co. Thursday's sales will be to George Soros' Quantum Fund. Both are renowned investors, bullish on gold, and bearish on the euro. The average investor would have trouble realizing that Soros is bullish on gold because of mainstream media reports misrepresenting his outlook. The press reported that Soros stated the gold was in the ultimate bubble, instead of would be in the ultimate bubble because of governments engaging in excess spending and  money printing globally. Bubbles are where investors make the most money, as long as they can control their greed and sell around the top. Successful investors understand this. Unsuccessful investors like to blame the market, instead of how they interact with the market.

The bullishness of Paulson and Soros is even more interesting because of their funds large bets against the euro. The price of gold and the value of the euro tend to move together. The crisis in Greece caused a sharp drop in the euro and is still holding it down. Gold sold down with the euro, although traditionally gold has been a safe haven during crisis periods. It didn't hold up during Credit Crisis selling in the fall of 2008 either, although it closed up on the year. Gold is currently in a sideways trading pattern and the big January and February buying season in China and India is over. Gold prices tend to be weak in the spring because of lower retail demand for the metal. The technical patterns on the chart indicate its price is trendless at the moment.

Ultimately, the value of NovaGold is dependent on the price of gold. NovaGold is sitting on some very huge untapped mineral deposits of gold, silver and copper. For those who think the price of gold will rise sharply in the future, these deposits are like money in the bank that is paying a very high interest rate. Apparently Paulson and Soros are of this opinion based on their actions. In the short-term, NG stock may be highly volatile however. Sharp up and down moves are common. There is also strong long-term resistance around the 7.00 level that was established in 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2008. Yesterday was the third time in recent months that the stock approached this key price. Breaking and staying above it will be a technically significant event.

Investors should remember that gold is in a long-term (secular) bull market that began in 2001. This doesn't mean that prices go up everyday. There will be pauses and dips. You make your money by buying on the dips.

Disclosure: Have held positions in Novagold and gold several times

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Daryl Montgomery
Organizer,New York Investing meetup

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