Thursday, September 24, 2009

Market Sells Off as Dollar Rallies...As Usual

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The U.S. dollar is rallying today for a change. Yesterday DXY, the ETF that represents it, fell as low as 75.83, below key support at 76.00. As of this moment DXY is 76.73. There is strong resistance at 78.00. The key breakdown level is 78.33, which was the multi year low made during the dollar sell off in the late 1980s and early 1990s. For the last two years the U.S. dollar has usually illogically rallied the day after the Fed meeting. There is also danger that some statement will come out of today's G20 meeting about the desire for a stronger dollar. If this happens, the talk is unlikely to be met with any action.

Gold was strong first thing in the morning, but sank to below a $1000 as trading progressed. Silver was selling off even more and may have resolved its overbought condition. The key breakout level for gold is $1003.50. It has closed above this level eight days in a row. So far, it doesn't look like today will be the ninth.

A number of gold and silver stocks have gaps made approximately ten trading days ago. These gaps may have to be filled. Nova Gold (NG) filled this gap four days ago. It was trying to test it today. It is not unusual for a stock's price to fall somewhat below the bottom of a gap. This is frequently a very profitable buy point. Nova Gold has made a cup and looks like it is making a handle. Many gold and silver miners' charts have similar patterns.

About the only thing up in today's market is UNG. The Natural Gas report seemed bearish this morning. GAZ is down. Both UNG and GAZ should move together, but they don't. HZBBF, introduced in this blog 2 weeks ago now trades under another ticker symbol: HNUZF (special thanks to New York Investing member Joyce K. for first reporting the change). The new trading symbol can't be found on Big Charts yet. The symbol changed after a 5 to 1 reverse split. This split and the symbol change make no sense whatsoever. Both have made it much harder for the individual investor to trade natural gas. Perhaps that the idea.

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Daryl Montgomery
Organizer,New York Investing meetup

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Hi. Just what do you mean when you say the stock gapped? Is that a bullish or bearish sign?