Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inflation News Sends Gold Soaring

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The ISM Services Index was released this morning and it came in at 48.4, which indicates only a slight contraction. While the mainstream media put the usual bullish spin on the news, it was actually nothing short of disastrous. One component was overwhelmingly responsible for the improvement from last month - Prices Paid. Prices Paid is a measure of inflation. It came in at an eye popping 63.1 in August versus 41.3 in July. The biggest increase in the Manufacturing Index yesterday was also Prices Paid (new orders was a very close second though, there were no close second in today's Service report). In the manufacturing report, prices paid was 65.0 in August versus 55.0 in July. None of the ISM reports are adjusted for inflation, just like most of the government's economic reports. In both cases, higher inflation as opposed to better economic activity can make the numbers look better. Financial media usually fails to mention this.

Spot gold reached $987 this morning. It is approaching once again the key $1000 breakout level. Spot silver almost reached $15.80, just below important resistance at $16. Gold has traded just over $1000 twice. The first time was in March 2008 and the second time in February 2009. This key level was reached at the end of gold's bullish seasonal period which ranges from August to February. This time the $1000 level will be reached at the beginning of the strong seasonal period. Expect silver to follow gold up. Once it breaks above $16, it will head toward $21.

While you would think that the U.S. dollar would nosedive on this news, it was down only slightly from yesterday's close of 78.38. After dipping just below the 78.33 breakdown level, it started rallying and is now up. This illogical trading of the dollar has been common since the Credit Crisis began. Why would traders rush to buy it, when the currency is constantly being debased by the central bank? They wouldn't, at least not voluntarily. Nations, including the United States, have a long history of trying to maintain the value of their weakening currencies by manipulating the market. The manipulation always fails in the end however.

Fed chair Ben Bernanke has said over and over again that there can't be inflation because there is spare capacity and slack in economic production. While he may be an expert in the U.S Depression, he apparently never studied hyperinflation where just such a scenario is common.
Bernanke has also been repeatedly wrong in everything he has said and done. For those who would like a video review of Bernanke's appalling record, click on the link below:

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Daryl Montgomery
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