Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gold Rockets Higher

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In a bull market there is always a higher price down the road for those who wait for it. Gold amply demonstrated this concept by hitting a new all time high yesterday (and again this morning). Tuesday's move was sudden and vertical and it took place even though the U.S. dollar was rallying strongly and stocks were selling off. While investors constantly worry about sharp sell offs, they don't usually consider that sharp rallies are also possible for bullish assets. While gold led the way up, silver and then the miners started tagging along shortly thereafter. Eventually all of the inflation trade assets followed. Look for this pattern to repeat.

At the 5:15PM end of New York trading, spot gold closed at $1085.30 yesterday, up almost $25. This took out resistance around the $1070 level. Gold was in a trading range between approximately $1050 and $1070 for awhile before testing its $1025 breakout point. Spot gold has gotten as high as $1094.30 early this morning. This is important implied resistance at $1120. Spot silver closed yesterday at $17.20 up 73 cents. It was up almost a dollar at one point. The 200% leveraged gold ETF DGP was up 4.7% and the 200% silver ETF AGQ was up 10.4% yesterday. Some mining stocks did even better. Novagold (NG) was up 13.2% and Hecla (HL) was up 18%. The U.S. trade-weighted dollar, after rallying strongly in the morning, lost its momentum and essentially closed flat.

What seems to have caused yesterday's gold burst is a story of karma worthy of a Hindi movie. As reported in this blog early Tuesday morning, India bought 200 tonnes of IMF gold. The sale took place during a two-week period that ended on October 30th. This news was generally available in the evening New York time on Monday. Nevertheless, more the one U.S. media outlet reported that India would be or was buying 200 tonnes of gold during the trading day on Tuesday. Gold which had been meandering in price suddenly started moving straight up on the intraday charts blowing out the shorts along the way. The karmic element comes into the story if you know India's past with the IMF. In 1991, during a financial crisis, India had to borrow money from the IMF and was forced to ship its gold reserves to London as collateral. Now they are buying the IMF's gold! Will a future time come, when a Western country has to borrow money from India and in turn be forced to ship their gold to New Delhi?

The movements of gold and the U.S. dollar in the last few days are significant for another reason as well. Since the Credit Crisis began the dollar has rallied before Fed meetings, during the meeting and at least into the day after the meeting. Gold has sold off in response. Things have changed noticeably this time. The Fed met yesterday and is meeting today. The dollar had the usual pre-arranged rally before the meeting and gold was weak, but then things went screwy. Gold suddenly shot to news highs on a big rally and the dollar rally faded as the meeting began. The dollar is already selling off strongly today before the meeting has even ended. Perhaps gold is just too strong and the dollar is just too weak for this manipulaton game to go on any longer.

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Daryl Montgomery
Organizer,New York Investing meetup

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