Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Markets Roller Coaster Ride Powered by Media Hype

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Yesterday, stocks in the U.S. went on an a roller coaster ride that saw a steady significant move up, followed by an almost vertical descent (which included a 30 point drop in the Dow in just one minute), then a gradual climb back up into a positive close. The European Central Bank seems to have continued interfering in the currency markets (in one way or the other) by supporting the euro behind the scenes and this is what caused the intraday drop in the stocks. One asset though managed to stay in positive territory and gain technical strength yesterday - gold. More hairpin turns and sharp up and down moves should be expected for awhile. The mainstream media seems intent on publishing stories that will keep the volatility going.

Spot gold closed at $1060.60 (up $14.60) at the 5:15PM end of Globex trading yesterday. It broke through the $1050 resistance level and stayed above it all day. Gold traded as high as $1064.00. It then got as high as $1066 overnight on news that the IMF sold 200 metric tons of its gold to India (the price of course dropped the moment New York trading opened). The IMF board voted to sell 403.3 metric tons of its 3,217 tonne gold holdings on Sept 18th after telling the market multiple times over two years (each time driving the price of gold down) that it was going to do this. It was widely believed China would buy the entire amount of the IMF gold for sale using this as an opportunity to get rid of some of its massive dollar reserves. China stupidly didn't do this however. It might buy the remaining 200 tonnes of IMF gold or any number of Gulf oil states could. In general, gold is leaving the central banks for Europe and moving to the central banks of Asia.

Gold went up yesterday in U.S. trading because of inflation concerns. The ISM Manufacturing report for October came in at 55.7, up from 52.6 in September (above 50 indicates expansion). The strongest of the 10 components of the report? - Prices Paid, which is an inflation indicator. This number came in at 65.0, up from 63. 5. It was the highest number in the September report as well. While inflation was the biggest news in this report, I saw no mainstream media article that even mentioned it, let alone headlined it. Instead stories like "Dollar Falls After Strong Factory Data" appeared and claimed the dollar was going down because of heightened risk appetite, the current fantasy the media has spun to take investor's attention away from inflation. This article did hint at inflation though in the 18th paragraph (most people don't read to the end of articles), when it mentioned that a flood of liquidity from central banks might have something to do with the way the market is reacting.

Media coverage reached even lower levels this morning. The glaring headline, "U.S. Stock Futures Drop Sharply", could be found many places online. When I clicked on a major financial website's version, an article with a different headline appeared, " U.S. Stock Futures Off Lows ....". People who didn't click wouldn't know the news had changed though. Traders frequently only see headlines. What was the 'sharp drop' in futures? The Dow was down 61 points, the S&P 500 down 7 points and Nasdaq down 7 points - completely ordinary meaningless moves.

There is risk for stocks today because the euro had a sharp drop overnight after the Australian central bank raised rates by a quarter of a point to 3.5%. Australia was the first central bank to start raising rates last month, which is one reason the Australian dollar is so strong. This move should be more threatening to the U.S. dollar than the euro however, but the trade-weighted dollar is rallying on the euro sell off. Ironically, this could damage U.S. stocks the most because if you check you will see their best correlation has been to movements in the euro since last March (the euro represents over 50% of the trade-weighted dollar). Gold seems to have been hardly impacted by the currency move at all. Traditionally gold and the euro should be moving together and the stock currency relationship should be more tangential.

As if the first two days of the week aren't exciting enough, the end of the week will see the U.S. monthly employment report. I would also like to remind everyone that this is the beginning of the month and the first four days of trading should be positive. At the moment it's hard to say if the bears or bulls will win out. It is easier to predict a lot of volatility, which is a classic sign of a top.

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Daryl Montgomery
Organizer,New York Investing meetup

This posting is editorial opinion. Like all other postings for this blog, there is no intention to endorse the purchase or sale of any security.


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