Monday, November 9, 2009

Market Keeps Going as Stimulus Keeps Flowing

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Spot gold hit another record high on Friday, breaking the $1100 barrier for the first time. While gold hit $1102 intraday, it closed at $1097 at the end of New York trading at 5:15PM. So far this morning, gold has traded as high as $1110.60. This is another record intraday high and perhaps today will be gold's first close ever above $1100. Spot silver traded as high as $17.75 in the early going. It is still stuck in its trading range between $16 and $18. A break and close above $18 will be significant.

As the precious metals go up, the trade-weighted U.S. dollar is going down. So far this morning, the dollar has traded as low as 74.98. It is trying to take out its low of 74.94 from October 21st. There is an approximately 0.75 gap on the DXY chart today. This huge gap will have to be filled eventually. The euro broke above its 1.50 resistance again this morning and once it can remain above this level (this may take awhile), it will head toward its old high of 1.60. The U.S. dollar will in turn head toward its old low of 71.50.

As has been the case with dollar weakness since March, stocks are rallying as well. The technical damage from late October is getting undone on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq charts, both regained their 50-day moving averages last Thursday. It never existed on the Dow chart. The small cap Russell 2000 still has a severe limp however and needs to be watched carefully. Just as the Dow is holding the stock market up and trying to lead it higher, the Russell will take the lead in bringing the market down. The market survived serious technical problems last July and is trying for an encore. Just as was the case this summer, central bank stimulus which is flooding the financial system with liquidity is pushing prices higher.

The market is getting its adrenalin shot today from the G-20 meeting held over the weekend in Scotland. The finance ministers from the world's biggest economies pledged to "continue to provide support for the economy until the recovery is assured". The smart money knows this is some point well into the future. Even more eye opening was a note prepared for the meeting by the IMF. The IMF stated bluntly that the U.S. dollar is "now serving as the funding currency for carry trades" and is "still on the strong side" (so expect it to go lower). Warnings about the abrupt end of the U.S. dollar carry trade have already been appearing in media reports for several weeks now. The same thing happened when the Japanese yen became the source of a global carry trade in the 1990s. I remember hearing warnings year after year after year after year after year that this would end abruptly. Apparently it finally did in 2009. So don't get your hopes up for the dollar carry trade lasting beyond 2024!

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Daryl Montgomery
Organizer,New York Investing meetup

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